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KGrid Guides for Developers and Integrators


This is the site documentation for developers and integrators (integrators).

To run the site locally

npm install
npm run dev

Test the build (before committing)

You'll need to have a server that allows proxying since the vuepress build currently requires a property set to the deployment path. That path is hardcoded in config.js as:

{ base: "/guides/" }

You can use live-server which is include as a dev dependency, so npx live-server ... will work.

npm run build
npx live-server --mount=/guides/:./docs/.vuepress/dist/ --open=/guides/

Don't forget the trailing slash (/guides/) if you're typing the URL. If you need to serve Open API specs to the online Swagger editor add --cors flag to the live-server command.

You can leave live-server running and just rebuild to see changes. Once the production build of the site passes muster go ahead and commit the changes.

The site will be deployed on github using CircleCI to build and commit the documentation files in the /docs directory. The site is published via Github to the gh-pages branch.

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