Knowledge Grid component for activating knowledge objects using plugable adapters
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KGrid Activator

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As a key component of Knowledge Grid, an activator allows knowledge objects to be executable against collected data.

More information on using Knowledge Objects in the Activator and integration with other systems can be found here: Getting Started with the KGrid Activator.

To download the latest releases and sample Knowledge Object collections: Latest Activator release

Table of Contents

  1. Build and Test Activator
  2. Deploy Activator
  3. Release Activator

Build Activator

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


For building and running the application you need:


To get started you can simply clone this repository using git:

git clone
cd kgrid-activator

Quick Start

This quick start will run the activator and load two example knowledge objects for testing. This objects are located in the shelf directory at the root of the project. By default application will start up and PORT 8080.

mvn clean package
java -jar target/kgrid-activator*.jar

You can load sample KO shelf (where to look for the KOs)

java -jar target/kgrid-activator*.jar --kgrid.shelf.cdostore.url:filesystem:file://etc/shelf

Alternatively you can use the Spring Boot Maven plugin like so:

mvn clean spring-boot:run

Once Running access the Activators Health Endpoint. All statuses reported should be UP

"status": "UP",
    "shelf": {
        "status": "UP",
    "activationService": {
            "status": "UP",
   "diskSpace": {
           "status": "UP",     


The activator will detect when a file in the shelf directory or in a knowledge object in the shelf directory has been added, changed or removed and reload the available objects in the activator. This allows a user to add or remove knowledge objects or versions of knowledge objects and have them be ready for activation without needing to reload the shelf manually.

Running the tests

Automated tests

Unit and Integration tests can be executed via

mvn clean test
mvn clean verify

End to End Testing

Sample shelf in place the following tests can be executed against the running activator

View a Knowledge Object

curl http://localhost:8080/hello/world

View a Knowledge Object Version

curl http://localhost:8080/hello/world/v0.0.1

Run the welcome endpoint on the 99999/newko/v0.0.1 knowledge object

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type:application/json"  -d "{\"name\": \"Fred Flintstone\"}" http://localhost:8080/hello/world/v0.0.1/welcome

Deploy Activator

Please see the KGrid Org Activator site for details

Release Activator

Please see the Kgrid Config repository for details

Publish Documentation

Running Local Dev Docs Publish

npm install
npm run docs:dev

Build dist directory ready for publish

npm run docs:build`

CircleCi publishes the documentation using VuePress and the .circleci/ script. The gh-pages branch is used for the publishing process and setup in the GitHub repository's GitHub Pages.