Subversion client as an Atom package (WORK IN PROGRESS, EARLY STAGE)
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atom-svn-status package

This is early stage work in progress!

The aspiration is to be a Subversion client in Atom. The reality is that there is almost nothing here yet.

This work would not have been possible without Atomatigit. It solves a similar problem, and I copied source code from it. Mucho kudos to the Atomatigit team! Thanks, guys.

At this moment you can do cmd+shift+p and then run the "Svn: Status" command. When you are done looking, run the "Svn: Close" command.

You're supposed to be able to use j and k to navigate between the entries in the list, but the styling is not working, so you don't see any effect.

You're also supposed to be able to check some boxes and then "Svn: Commit" should, well, commit. But it's not working.

Warning: It's hard to say whether there will ever be anything meaningful coming out of this, so if you have input, please don't hesitate to take this over: Contribute here, or create a new Atom package under the same name, or fork this repo and declare your fork the canonical version.

Remark: There is a similarly named Atom package at, its functionality is different, though. But I think Andi is actually working on his software, whereas I'm just a wannabe. :-(