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WARNING: Very very alpha code quality

Everytime I try to console.log a variable's value, I forget to label the variable and so the logged statements become unuseful and confusing, especially when used inside a loop—case in point: React's render function, or componentWillReceiveProps.

This plugin transforms console.log statements that have just variable labels as arguments and prepends a string that specifies what those labels are. For example, for the following statements:

const a = 12;
const b = 13;
const c = 59;

console.log(a, b);
console.log(a, b, c);

The output would look something like:

a: 12
a, b: 12 13
a, b, c: 12, 13, 59

Checkout another plugin around console.log usage I wrote:


Install the module with:

npm i -D babel-plugin-transform-console-log-variable-names

Include it in your babel configuration either via .babelrc or webpack. Here's a .babelrc example:

	"presets": [...],
	"plugins": [