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package main
import (
func main() {
csvstring := "name, age, occupation"
// An anonymous function declaration to avoid repeating main()
ScanCSV := func(data []byte, atEOF bool) (advance int, token []byte, err error) {
commaidx := bytes.IndexByte(data, ',')
if commaidx > 0 {
// we need to return the next position
buffer := data[:commaidx]
return commaidx + 1, bytes.TrimSpace(buffer), nil
// if we are at the end of the string, just return the entire buffer
if atEOF {
// but only do that when there is some data. If not, this might mean
// that we've reached the end of our input CSV string
if len(data) > 0 {
return len(data), bytes.TrimSpace(data), nil
// when 0, nil, nil is returned, this is a signal to the interface to read
// more data in from the input reader. In this case, this input is our
// string reader and this pretty much will never occur.
return 0, nil, nil
scanner := bufio.NewScanner(strings.NewReader(csvstring))
for scanner.Scan() {