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package main
import (
func main() {
file, err := os.Open("filetoread.txt")
if err != nil {
defer file.Close()
scanner := bufio.NewScanner(file)
// initial size of our wordlist
bufferSize := 50
words := make([]string, bufferSize)
pos := 0
for scanner.Scan() {
if err := scanner.Err(); err != nil {
// This error is a non-EOF error. End the iteration if we encounter
// an error
words[pos] = scanner.Text()
if pos >= len(words) {
// expand the buffer by 100 again
newbuf := make([]string, bufferSize)
words = append(words, newbuf...)
fmt.Println("word list:")
// we are iterating only until the value of "pos" because our buffer size
// might be more than the number of words because we increase the length by
// a constant value. Or the scanner loop might've terminated due to an
// error prematurely. In this case the "pos" contains the index of the last
// successful update.
for _, word := range words[:pos] {