Gnome Shell Extension to show a simple chooser to select Input & Output device based on gnome control center
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Gnome Shell Extension - Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

A simple selector to enabled selection of sound source and sink based on Gnome Control Center

Install URL:

Gnome shell versions compatible

  • 3.18
  • 3.20
  • 3.22


  • May conflict with extensions which modify volume menu.
  • Extension works with Volume Mixer extension. Restart shell, if errors encountered.



  • Redesinged preferences dialog, credits @eliandoran
  • Rewritten and restructed code
  • gnome shell 3.22 compatibility


  • New option to show/hide input devices
  • New option to show/hide output devices
  • Bug fix for card[cardIndex] undefined error in convenience.js


  • Included missing files


  • Option to show input volume control slider
  • Bug fixes to hide sound devices without a valid card (network devices etc)
  • Remove unnecessary code