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⌘Chemistry - CC

earth breathing

Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me, and continues to teach me, strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death. — Wernher von Braun

In the name of understanding universe, I've just make decision to learn Chemistry. And this repo is for chemistry gymnastics. I always was more familiar with Physics etc., so this gonna be some challenge. And also: Crash Course is great. I'we went through whole history course, and from time to time I watch sci-show; this is disproportional in terms of being enjoyable, braking both space and time.

Using as a source: Crash Course: Chemistry, books from school and wikipedia for now. I've got Biochemistry and Genetics stuff, but for now I will build up some basics from first ones.

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Basic definitions Straightforward definitions are done, but they need to be develop.
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