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# Copyright (C) 2010, Parrot Foundation.
# $Id: instrumentobject.t 48438 2010-08-12 19:43:40Z khairul $
=head1 NAME
t/dynpmc/instrumentobject.t - test the InstrumentObject dynpmc
% prove t/dynpmc/instrumentobject.t
Tests instrumenting per object as provided by InstrumentObject.
InstrumentObject inherits from InstrumentClass, and theoretically,
any instrumentation on this object will only affect this object.
.include 'call_bits.pasm'
.loadlib 'os'
.sub main :main
.include 'test_more.pir'
# Load the Instrument library.
load_bytecode 'Instrument/InstrumentLib.pbc'
.sub setup
# Create a simple program to test that events are raised.
.local string program
program = <<'PROG'
.sub main :main
$P0 = new ['TestClass'] # To instrument.
$P1 = new ['TestClass'] # Control, not instrumented.
$P2 = new ['TestClass2'] # Test inheritance.
$P0 = 100
$P1 = 200
$P2 = 300
.namespace ['TestClass']
.sub '' :anon :init :load
$P0 = subclass ['Integer'], ['TestClass']
# Test methods.
.sub test :method
.param int foo
# Do nothing.
.namespace ['TestClass2']
.sub '' :anon :init :load
$P0 = subclass ['TestClass'], ['TestClass2']
# Write to file.
.local pmc fh
fh = new ['FileHandle']
fh.'open'('t/dynpmc/instrumentobject-test1.pir', 'w')
.sub cleanup
# Remove the test program.
.local pmc os
os = new ['OS']
.sub test_notification
# Test if notifications is raised only for the object that is instrumented.
# Check:
# 1. Event is raised.
# 2. The event is of type Object::address::method::Method_Name
# 3. The class event still fires.
# 4. When a subclass's instance invokes parent's method, it also fires.
# 5. Vtable instrumentation on the object only applies to the object itself.
$P0 = new ['Instrument']
$P2 = $P0.'instrument_op'()
$P5 = $P0.'instrument_class'('TestClass')
$P3 = new ['ResizableStringArray']
push $P3, 't/dynpmc/instrumentobject-test1.pir'
$S0 = $P3[0]
# Prepare the globals.
$P6 = new ['Hash']
set_global '%notification', $P6
$P7 = new ['Hash']
set_global '%class_event', $P7
$P8 = box 0
set_global '$object_vtable', $P8
$P0.'run'($S0, $P3)
# Check that the callback was called.
# Check that the event was fired.
$P9 = get_global '%notification'
# Event fired.
$I0 = $P9['called']
is($I0, 1, 'Event: Event fired.')
# Test line.
$I0 = $P9['line']
is($I0, 6, 'Event: Line ok.')
# Test file.
$S0 = $P9['file']
is($S0, 't/dynpmc/instrumentobject-test1.pir', 'Event: File ok.')
# Test sub.
$S0 = $P9['sub']
is($S0, 'main', 'Event: Sub ok.')
# Test event.
$P12 = new ['ResizableStringArray']
$P11 = get_global '$notification_object'
push $P12, 'Object'
push $P12, $P11
push $P12, 'method'
push $P12, 'test'
$P10 = $P9['event']
$S0 = $P10
$S1 = $P12
is($S0, $S1, 'Event: Event ok')
# Check that the class event still fires.
$P12 = get_global '%class_event'
$I0 = $P12['TestClass']
is($I0, 2, 'Event: Class method event for TestClass fires as expected.')
$I0 = $P12['TestClass2']
is($I0, 1, 'Event: Class method event for TestClass2 fires as expected.')
# Check that the vtable event is only called once.
$P12 = get_global '$object_vtable'
$I0 = $P12
is($I0, 1, 'Event: Vtable event for object fires as expected.')
.sub test_notification_class_cb
.param pmc data
.param pmc instr
.param pmc probe
$P1 = data['invocant']
$S0 = typeof $P1
$P0 = get_global '%class_event'
$I0 = $P0[$S0]
inc $I0
$P0[$S0] = $I0
.sub test_notification_probe_cb
.param pmc op
.param pmc instr
.param pmc probe
# Look for op 'new'
# Returns the invokable if new is found.
# Invokable will disable the catchall probe
# and instrument the object.
$S0 = op.'family'()
if $S0 == 'new' goto INSTRUMENT
$P0 = get_global 'test_notification_probe_instrument_obj'
.sub test_notification_probe_instrument_obj
.param pmc op
.param pmc instr
.param pmc probe
# new op is found.
# Disable the probe and instrument the object.
# Object will now be in the register pointed to by the first argument.
# Get the object.
$P0 = op.'get_arg'(0)
# Instrument the object.
$P1 = instr.'instrument_object'($P0)
$P2 = instr.'instrument_object'($P0)
# Build up the event string.
$P2 = new ['ResizableStringArray']
$S0 = $P1.'get_address'()
push $P2, 'Object'
push $P2, $S0
push $P2, 'method'
push $P2, 'test'
$S1 = join '::', $P2
$P9 = box $S0
set_global '$notification_object', $P9
.sub test_notification_cb
.param pmc data
.param pmc instr
.param pmc probe
$P0 = get_global '%notification'
$P0['called'] = 1
$P1 = data['event']
$P0['event'] = $P1
$I0 = data['line']
$P0['line'] = $I0
$S0 = data['file']
$P0['file'] = $S0
$S0 = data['sub']
$P0['sub'] = $S0
.sub test_vtable_notification_cb
$P0 = get_global '$object_vtable'
inc $P0
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir: