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# Code for parsing the addr.dat file
# NOTE: I think you have to shutdown the Bitcoin client to
# successfully read addr.dat...
from bsddb.db import *
import logging
from operator import itemgetter
import sys
import time
from BCDataStream import *
from base58 import public_key_to_bc_address
from util import short_hex
from deserialize import *
def dump_addresses(db_env):
db = DB(db_env)
r ="addr.dat", "main", DB_BTREE, DB_THREAD|DB_RDONLY)
except DBError:
r = True
if r is not None:
logging.error("Couldn't open addr.dat/main. Try quitting Bitcoin and running this again.")
kds = BCDataStream()
vds = BCDataStream()
for (key, value) in db.items():
kds.clear(); kds.write(key)
vds.clear(); vds.write(value)
type = kds.read_string()
if type == "addr":
d = parse_CAddress(vds)