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# Code for dumping a single transaction, given its ID
from bsddb.db import *
import logging
import os.path
import sys
import time
from BCDataStream import *
from base58 import public_key_to_bc_address
from util import short_hex
from deserialize import *
def _read_CDiskTxPos(stream):
n_file = stream.read_uint32()
n_block_pos = stream.read_uint32()
n_tx_pos = stream.read_uint32()
return (n_file, n_block_pos, n_tx_pos)
def _dump_tx(datadir, tx_hash, tx_pos):
blockfile = open(os.path.join(datadir, "blk%04d.dat"%(tx_pos[0],)), "rb")
ds = BCDataStream()
ds.map_file(blockfile, tx_pos[2])
d = parse_Transaction(ds)
print deserialize_Transaction(d)
def dump_transaction(datadir, db_env, tx_id):
""" Dump a transaction, given hexadecimal tx_id-- either the full ID
OR a short_hex version of the id.
db = DB(db_env)
r ="blkindex.dat", "main", DB_BTREE, DB_THREAD|DB_RDONLY)
except DBError:
r = True
if r is not None:
logging.error("Couldn't open blkindex.dat/main. Try quitting any running Bitcoin apps.")
kds = BCDataStream()
vds = BCDataStream()
n_tx = 0
n_blockindex = 0
key_prefix = "\x02tx"+(tx_id[-4:].decode('hex_codec')[::-1])
cursor = db.cursor()
(key, value) = cursor.set_range(key_prefix)
while key.startswith(key_prefix):
kds.clear(); kds.write(key)
vds.clear(); vds.write(value)
type = kds.read_string()
hash256 = (kds.read_bytes(32))
hash_hex = long_hex(hash256[::-1])
version = vds.read_uint32()
tx_pos = _read_CDiskTxPos(vds)
if (hash_hex.startswith(tx_id) or short_hex(hash256[::-1]).startswith(tx_id)):
_dump_tx(datadir, hash256, tx_pos)
(key, value) =