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Pycoin 0.1-ish
Pycoin is a program to implement the bitcoin protocol in python3.
To find out what it does run "./pycoin", this will print out a list of messages
recieved from the bitcoin client at "" (roughly speaking). More
exciting features (ooh, command line arguments, shiny!) will be added in
future releases/commits.
A version of python3 ipaddr is provided until it is widely availible in
To discover the mystical secrets of the source code follow this simple 3-step
a) Read the source code (it has docstrings)
b) Read the source code again
c) Ask me
Donations welcome on 1FLjoKrqjCMZLLCZz8NJ5u4AsVhDYPYLWR.
If you are interested in using this in interesting ways, see COPYING.
If you are a lawyer, see UNLICENSE.
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