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phst commented Jul 30, 2011

I have a few problems with the blacklist (otfl-blacklist.cnf):

  • It blacklists lots of useful OS X fonts, apparently for no good reason (e.g., after uncommenting Hoefler Text I can use that font just as expected in LuaLaTeX).
  • There is no way to overwrite the distribution's blacklist. A blacklist file in the home tree gets merged with the system list, in contrast to all other TeX-related files.
  • It is not possible to remove something from the blacklist without editing the system blacklist.

I think the blacklist system should be rethought:

  • Most entries should be removed unless they cause serious trouble.
  • The function read_blacklist in otfl-font-nms.lua should scan only the first file found so that users can overwrite the system defaults.
zhouyan commented Jul 30, 2011

Maybe letting users' file overwrite the system defaults completely is not a good idea. There can be various reasons for a font to be included in the black-list. For example the font in a particular version of OS is broken a particular version of LuaTeX. Though the binary files in TL are frozen after release, some users may use TLContrib to update binaries. A system default should be working out of box for most users.

I think it maybe more useful to implement a white-list feature such that the white-list has priority over black-list. This way, users' black-list can supplementary systems' default while the white-list can overwritten part but not all of system defaults.


I think the patch in #39 solves this issue.

phst commented Oct 1, 2011

That pull request indeed solves bullet points two and three, thanks for that!
Regarding bullet point one, on my system I can comment out all the fonts in the blacklist except Last Resort, without any apparent problems. What have been the reasons for having them in the blacklist originally? Maybe they don't apply any more.


They were blacklisted by Will stating that all ttc fonts on mac crash luatex, the bug in luatex might have been fixed since then.


There were some fixes in LuaTeX, see but I don't know if this applies here. I'd suggest to remove everything from the blacklist except for "last resort".

@khaledhosny khaledhosny added a commit that closed this issue Oct 1, 2011
@khaledhosny Comment out mac ttc fonts
LuaTeX does not crash anymore.
fixes #37
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