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XITS - OpenType implementation of STIX fonts with math support

Improve Arabic spacing and vertical positions

Make all Arabic glyphs rest on the baseline, unlike regular text, as it
looks better in math when different symbols are shown next to each

Also make sure all Arabic glyphs has non-negative side bearings as it is
not needed most of time (if testing shows otherwise, then italic
correction should be employed).
latest commit 402b1dc67d
Khaled Hosny authored

The XITS font project

XITS is a Times-like typeface for mathematical and scientific publishing, based on STIX fonts. The main mission of XITS is to provide a version of STIX fonts enriched with the OpenType MATH extension, making it suitable for high quality mathematic typesetting with OpenType MATH capable layout systems, like MS Office 2007 and the new TeX engines XeTeX and LuaTeX.

XITS font is free, open source font, under Open Font License, version 1.1.

The current version of XITS is based on version 1.1.0-beta1 of STIX fonts.

This is work in progress, feedback, bug reports and even patches are welcomed.


The preferred way for modifying the fonts is by editing the SFD files under sources, using Sorts Mill Tools or FontForge. When submitting patches, please make sure they are as clean as possible, avoiding any unrelated or unnecessary changes.

To build the fonts from source you need a make program (only GNU Make is tested), either Sorts Mill Tools (preferred) or FontForge with Python support, and FontTools.

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