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This is an implementation of the API for It uses ruby_oauth and creates a project using
the API. Pretty simple example at this point. Please see for the documentation on
using the API, this app provides a sample usage of every method available. Every sample usage is in
users_controller.rb, although normally this wouldn't be the case.

Just download this via git, run the migration, start your server locally on port 3000, access
http://localhost:3000/create and the api will connect to the server and ask if you want to authorize the user
bound to the oauth_token to access your account (you may have to create an account on the machine first via the
"Register" link in the upper right of the screen.) This is a basic test to see if the server
is correctly responding to the very basic levels of oauth. If this page doesn't come up, then most likely other
things will fail.

Authorize the user and the server will kick you back to http://localhost:3000/callback and will store a user in
your session. Now you can try creating a project.

To create a project using the API, access http://localhost:3000/create_project, this will attempt to use your
oauth request token to connect to the server and create a project. If this is successful you will be given an
XML response which will have the id of the created project.

You can update the created project by calling http://localhost:3000/update_project/<ID> where <ID> is the project
id that was returned in XML after you called the create_project.

Showing the project can be done by calling http://localhost:3000/show_project/<ID>

Creating a task can be done by calling http://localhost:3000/create_task

Updating a task can be done by calling http://localhost:3000/update_task/<ID>

Showing a task can be done by calling http://localhost:3000/show_task/<ID>

As a user who needs to work on a task, you can accept the task to work on by calling

If you've accepted a task and you want to begin work on it, you can call http://localhost:3000/start_task/<ID>
to mark the task as being currently worked on.

If you're done working on a task, you can mark it as completed by calling

If you're working on a task which is being paid by the hour, and you wish to revise the time you worked on the
task you can do so by calling http://localhost:3000/revise_work_time_task/<ID>