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Khalti Payment Gateway

Khalti Payment Gateway for Flutter

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Use Khalti Payment Gateway solution in your app or website to simplify payment for your customers. You do not need to integrate with individual banks when using Khalti Payment Gateway.

With Khalti SDK/API, you can accepts payments from:

  1. Khalti Users
  2. eBanking users of our partner banks
  3. Mobile banking users of our partner banks
  4. SCT/VISA card Holders
  5. connectIPS Users

Payment Solutions

The repository hosts three packages:

Payment Solutions Package Name Version Description Use Case
Payment API only khalti_core khalti_core Low level abstraction over Khalti REST API for Dart only project & using custom dependencies. e.g. using dio instead of http
SDK without UI khalti khalti Wrapper around khalti_core, which includes easy-to-use methods for Flutter project, where a custom user interface is required
Quick Integration SDK with UI khalti_flutter khalti_flutter Similar to khalti, but includes user interface Recommended one, a plug-and-play solution with limited customization


  • Highly secure and easy Integrations
  • SDKs available for Web (JavaScript), Android and iOS
  • Payments by customers without leaving your platform
  • Secured transactions using 2-step authentication i.e Khalti Password and Khalti Pin (4 digit pin in Khalti App also used for Khalti App and transaction lock)
  • Transaction processing is disabled on multiple requests for the wrong Khalti Pin
  • Multi-user Merchant Dashboard to view transactions, issue refunds, filter and download reports etc.
  • Realtime payment updates in Merchant Dashboard
  • Amount transfer feature to banks from Merchant Dashboards anytime
  • Multiple Payment Options for Customers


For Queries, feel free to call us at:

Contact Our Merchant Team

(To integrate Khalti to your business and other online platforms.)

Contact Our Merchant Support

Contact Our Technical Team

(For payment gateway integration support.)