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Opencart plugin for Khalti Payment Gateway Integration

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Khalti Payment Plugin for OpenCart

Requirement and Compatibility

  • Requires OpenCart 3.x
  • Tested & working upto


  • Copy all files on the root folder
  • Login to OpenCart's Admin area and go to Extensions > Extensions
  • Choose Payments from the Choose the Extension Type filter
  • Scroll the page and search for Khalti and click on green + button on the right side to install the plugin.
  • Click on the blue button with pencil icon to configure the plugin.
  • Place your Public and Private keys provided by Khalti and finish the Plugin installation.
  • include <script src=""></script> inside <head></head> tags on your themes header file which is located on catalog/view/theme/YOUR_THEME_NAME/template/common/header.twig
  • clear Opencart cache