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Khalti Payment Module for Prestashop

Tested and working upto Prestashop


  • Download the latest file from the release section
  • Go to Prestashop Backend > Module Manager > Upload a Module and Upload the zip file downloaded on the first part
  • Add Public & Private keys provided by Khalti and you can start receiving payments via Khalti Payment Gateway


  • Directly downloading the zip file from the Repository will not recognize this plugin as a valid Plugin and will show Invalid Zip file. Always download from the release section
  • This plugin only supports NPR as a currency, so it won't show up on the payment options if the currency is different than NPR
  • Some settings such as Carrier Restrictions, Country Restrictions might disable this Payment Gateway so go to Improve > Payment > Preferences and check for the necessary settings


  • To make a contribution on this plugin, clone this repository on the Modules > khalti folder and make the necessary changes.