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  • Fixed onCheckOutLister.onSucess() not being called if additional data is not passed through config


  • Migrated to AndroidX
  • Updated Api Urls to V2
  • Migrated to Kotlin
  • Migrated to Coroutine from RxJava
  • Removed RxBus in favor of a simple listener
  • Added preference option in config to control payment tabs locally
  • Cleaned up animation libraries
  • Updated Khalti logo and color
  • Implemented new design
  • Updated Khalti payment flow; Khalti PIN is now required to initiate payment
  • Updated config to give more granular control
  • Added SCT and Connect IPS payment option
  • Khalti PIN field input length has been increased to 10
  • Khalti PIN attempts is shown if the user enters wrong PIN
  • A test banner is shown if test token is used


  • Updated picasso version
  • Fixed crashing due to picasso
  • Updated version naming to x.xx.xx format
  • Package has been moved from khalti to com.khalti


  • Removed sms permission


  • Fixed error message in amount in KhaltiCheckOut
  • Made product url optional in Config


  • Added mobile preset to both e-banking and card payment
  • Fixed bank logo size issue in bank contact form


  • Fixed static method not found issue (Downgraded retrolambda to 3.2.3)
  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks


  • Added Card (Debit/Credit) as a payment method
  • Changed bank list to searchable grid view list with bank logo
  • Merchant can now order and visibility of payment option tabs
  • Mobile number can be preset in wallet form
  • Merchant extra info map changed from <String, Object> to <String, String>
  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks