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Khalti Payment Gateway

Official plugin for WHMCS


  1. Download the ZIP (or tar.gz) file from the releases See the releases
  2. Simply extract at the root folder of your WHMCS installation. Following files will be copied

File Structure

modules / 
 | gateways / 
   | khaltigateway.php
   | callback / 
       | khaltigateway.php
   | khaltigateway / 
      | common.php
      | index.php
      | init.php
      | step2.php

(Basically, the plugin creates

  • file khaltigateway.php under modules/gateways directory of your root installation,
  • directory khaltigateway/ under modules/gateways directory of your root installation
  • file khaltigateway.php under modules/gateways/callback directory of your root installation. (This file is kept just to maintain the convention that WHMCS suggests)


Login to admin area of your WHMCS installation and enable the gateway from Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways (Refer to the image below) Enabling Gateway


Once the gateway is enabled, the gateway parameters need to be configured. (Refer to the image below) Configuring Khalti Payment Gateway PS: Please make sure that the currency "NPR" is selected for the option "Convert to For Processing"