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## Summary:

I noticed that the `domInsertChecks` are not used at all in our Perseus code today, except for setting dummy values for tests. Removing it to trim down our Perseus dependencies where we can. 

Issue: "none"

## Test plan:

`yarn test`
`yarn flow`

Author: jeremywiebe

Reviewers: kevinbarabash, nixterrimus

Required Reviewers:

Approved By: kevinbarabash

Checks:  codecov/project,  gerald,  Extract i18n strings (ubuntu-latest, 16.x),  Lint, Flow, and Test (ubuntu-latest, 16.x),  Jest Coverage (ubuntu-latest, 16.x),  Cypress Coverage (ubuntu-latest, 16.x),  Check builds for changes in size (ubuntu-latest, 16.x),  gerald,  Check for .changeset file (ubuntu-latest, 16.x)

Pull Request URL: #279

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Perseus Exercise Renderer

Perseus is Khan Academy's exercise system. This repo contains the code needed to take a problem in the perseus format and present it, allow interaction, and grade the result of a learner's work.

sample of perseus in use

This repo is a constellation of sub-repos for showing exercise content. Please see individual projects in in the packages/ folder for more information about each sub-project.

Getting started



To install perseus, you need to run the following commands:

yarn install

Installs project dependencies

Using Storybook

The components and widgets of perseus are devleoped using Storybook. After you clone the project and get dependencies installed, the next step is to start storybook by running yarn storybook. This will start a server and give you a playground to use each component.


The Perseus project is not accepting external contributions. We’re releasing the code for others to refer to and learn from, but we are not open to pull requests or issues at this time.


MIT License