A React wrapper for the Adobe Web Platform's Balance-Text Project
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mpolyak Update react-balance-text with support for React 16.3.0
As part of upgrading to React 16 in webapp, we need to update this component.
Specifically, changing `React.PropTypes` use cases to require `prop-types` library.

I had to change storybook to `@storybook/react` in order to make it work.
As well, I changed `babel-*` to approximately equivalent to version in
package.json in order for transpiled `dist/index.js` to utilize `require`
instead of `import`.

Test Plan:
 - Run `npm run prepublish` and verify `dist/index.js` is built successfully.
 - Run `npm run storybook` and browse examples in `http://localhost:9010/`

Reviewers: briangenisio, emily, scottgrant

Reviewed By: briangenisio

Subscribers: tom, john

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.khanacademy.org/D45522
Latest commit 92ec85c Jun 11, 2018


React Balance Text Component

This is a React wrapper around the Adobe Web Platform's Balance-Text Project with the jQuery dependancy removed.

See a live demo


<BalanceText style={containerTextStyle}>
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