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Re-architected Khana smart contracts
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Khana: Increasing sustainable engagement and participation in communities

What is Khana?

Communities all around the world suffer from a lack of participation. This is especially prevalent in crypto-communities, where stakeholder participation is very low, adversely affecting their desired outcome. Khana is a suite of tools to further engage and increase sustainable participation in communities, using crypto-economic incentives such as dynamic token bonding curves.

Image of MVP interface v0.3

For a deeper discussion, see:

A related but separate project is Bonded Donations.


This repo is for the opensource smart contracts currently being built. They are still a work in progress so no way near deployment ready!̨

We created a Proof of Concept (PoC) in September 2018. The implementation (smart contracts + front end code) can be found in the Proof of Concept directory.

The PoC is currently deployed to a handful of communities in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Rinkeby testnet. It is actively being used and tested.

We're hoping to work on Khana full-time in the near future, so if you would like to support us, please reach out!


If you are interested in trying Khana for your community, please reach out on Twitter: @daveytea or @adriana_truong

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