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ITMD 466/566 - Service Oriented Architecture
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SQL Export Dump
Written Report

ITMD 466/566 - Service Oriented Architecture

Group Members

Pragya Shukla


Dinh Khang Duong


Group Number 9: Car & Car Parts E-commerce Website

  1. Car Sample - This is our main project written in MVC architecture (JSP, Servlet, MySQL)

  2. SQL dump export - This is our database exported from the MySQL Workbench. Please imported and connect to this database to retrieve the right data set.

  3. Report - This is our final written report for this project describing our journey throughout this semester and the description of our project with screenshots.

  4. Diagrams - This is the folder container all the diagrams in the report (UML, User Case, Entity Relationship, High Level Architecture)

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