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Animu Crawling System

System's features

  1. Looking for new animu videos from rss
  2. Auto clone animu videos via torrent
  3. Media serve on browser

System's struct

├── dummy_files
├── pacman
├── logs
├── resources
├── scripts
├── server   
└── media
  1. pacman => rss listener, config rss list on resources/feeds.json
  2. logs => rss listener's log
  3. resources => store rss list
  4. scripts => system's scripts (such as download script)
  5. server => media server
  6. media => store videos
  7. dummy_files => store *

How to run

Require packages

For pacman rss listener

This service performed by python2.7 using libs:

  1. requests (install via pip)
  2. python-bs4 (install via package manger, such as apt)
  3. logging (install via pip)

Install python libs via old version of pip may harm security problems. Please update your pip to newest version to avoid that kind of errors.

For server media

This service performed by node js. Just run npm install on the first time run this project for installing dependencies packages.

For using npm start command, please install nodemon package globally to your host.

For scripts download videos via torrent

Install aria2 package via your package manager such as apt. More informations go here

Add new rss

Rss list stored at resources/feeds.json.

Sample config:

    "title": "FEED LIST",
    "data": [
            "team": "fuyu",
            "rss": "",
            "anchor": {
                "tag": "a",
                "css_selector": {"data-key":"quality_720p_torrent"}
            "team": "HorribleSubs",
            "rss": "",
            "anchor": false

For each rss, if link field from xml code not contain url for .torrent file, you must specific anchor field on rss config to point at tag that have .torrent file download link.

Run system

Run 3 services one by one

Pacman service - RSS listener

$ cd pacman
$ python

Media service

If you installed nodemon

$ cd server
$ npm start


$ cd server
$ node app.js

Monitoring service (optional)

$ cd scripts
$ watch -n 10 "./"

Endpoint list

With xxx.yyy is your host


=> Greeting endpoint


=> Cloned videos list


=> Crawling service log


=> Crawling system status (for checking hard disk capacity, system status, etc)