Bluetooth communication library
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This project provides a Android library that allows you to communicating between devices via Bluetooth.

Getting Started

Step 1: Setup Android development Environment
* Follow instruction on from [Installing the SDK Guide](
* Clone the GitHub repository: git clone git://

Step 2: Create New BluetoothSDK Project
* For the first time, you will need to create a new Android project for the Bluetooth SDK source which can be reference from your app. This is only required once. Open Eclipse and create a new Android Project (File | New | Project | Android Project) for the Bluetooth Android SDK Project source and later reference it from your app. Get the content by selecting Create project from existing source and specifying the Bluetooth directory from your git repository (~/bluetooth-lib/BluetoothSDK)

Step 3: Add reference to the BluetoothSDK
* Create a new Android project for your app or use your existing project and add a reference to the BluetoothSDK project. You do this by opening the properties window for your app (File | Properties | Android), pressing the Add... button in the Library area and selecting the BluetoothSDK project created above.

Step 4: Modify the AndroidManifest.xml
* In order to use Bluetooth features in your application, you need to declare at least one of two Bluetooth permissions: BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN.

Sample Applications

This library includes two sample applications to guide you in development.

* __BluetoothDevice__: A simple app that can receive commands from other device and display it on screen.

* __BluetoothRemote__: A app that can send connect to a device and send different commands  to perform operation on connected remote device.