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** Author: Khandakar Shadid
** Date: 1/12/2017
** Description:A program that asks the user for a (integer) number of cents, from 0 to 99,
and outputs how many of each type of coin would represent that amount with the fewest total number of coins.
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int input=0;
int main()
cout << "Please enter an amount in cents less than a dollar." << endl;
cin >>input;
cout<< "Your change Will be:"<<endl;
int quarterVal=25;
cout<<"Q:"<< (input/quarterVal)<<endl;
input= input-((input/quarterVal) * quarterVal);
int dimeVal=10;
cout<<"D:"<< (input/dimeVal)<<endl;
input= input-((input/dimeVal) * dimeVal);
int nickleVal=5;
cout<<"N:"<< (input/nickleVal)<<endl;;
input= input-((input/nickleVal) * nickleVal);
int pennyVal=1;
cout<<"p:"<< (input/pennyVal)<<endl;;
input= input-((input/pennyVal) * pennyVal);
return 0;