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Hi there 👋

Twitter __staticvoid Linkedin: lhs-santos Youtube Lucas Santos Email Telegram Instagram: lsantosdev

My name is Lucas Santos (he/him). I'm a Software Engineer from Brazil, currently working in Sweden at @klarna! I'm working mostly with containers and Kubernetes along with Node.js and TypeScript! I love Open-Source and I'm a developer since 2011! I love to teach and learn! I'm a Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, and Docker Captain.

  • 📬 I keep a newsletter filled with awesome stuff at and would love if you joined it!
  • 📖 I wrote a book about Kubernetes! It's in Portuguese but there are plans for new versions in other languages! Share to your friends if you like it 🤓
  • I'm also working on my complete TypeScript course, it's also in Portuguese and I'm working really hard to make it the best course on the planet! Please share if you like it!

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⚡ Fun facts

  • 📸 I love photography, you can check my non-profit hobbyst work on Unsplash
  • I compiled a list of useful stuff to know when working with me
  • I absolutely love all sorts of animals, I have three amazing cats, had dogs, fish, birds, and other stuff as well
  • I'm an adult with a late-diagnose of ADHD which makes my life not very easy, especially for creating things


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