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  1. conos conos Public

    R package for the joint analysis of multiple single-cell RNA-seq datasets

    R 183 38

  2. pagoda2 pagoda2 Public

    R package for analyzing and interactively exploring large-scale single-cell RNA-seq datasets

    JavaScript 181 45

  3. numbat numbat Public

    Haplotype-aware CNV analysis from single-cell RNA-seq

    R 136 19

  4. Baysor Baysor Public

    Bayesian Segmentation of Spatial Transcriptomics Data

    Julia 119 25

  5. dropEst dropEst Public

    Pipeline for initial analysis of droplet-based single-cell RNA-seq data

    C++ 82 43

  6. cacoa cacoa Public

    Single-cell Case Control Analysis

    R 43 5


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