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Quna WordPress Theme

Quna Documentation

Main features:

  • Custom logo
  • Custom header image
  • Social profiles
  • Instagram feed
  • 1 sidebar widget area
  • 5 footer widget areas
  • Custom Google Fonts
  • Color customization

First thing first

Once Quna is activated, go to Appearance > Install Plugins to install and activate all required plugins.

One click demo import

You can import the pre-defined homepages and other supporting pages by going to Appearance > Import Demo Data. This option is only available if the One Click Demo Import plugin is enabled.

The import panel looks like this:

Quna one click demo data import

Enable imported page as site's front page

Set header image

Go to Customize > Header Image; and select/upload an image.

For landing page with Frontpage template enabled, you can choose the header image from Custom Header option. This option appears in the page editing panel after Unique Headers plugin enabled.

Page custom header

It overrides the image uploaded in Customize > Header Image.

Please not that importing the demo data might not automatically set page's custom header. Thus you'd need to upload it yourself.

Enable header call-to-action button

Go to Customize > Header. Ensure the "Display CTA button on header?" option is enabled.

Set social profiles

Go to Customize > Social Profiles. Header will display your active social profiles. Use the [risbl-social] shortcode to insert it in post or text widget. Before doing so, add this function with the Code Snippets plugin.

 * Shortcode init
add_action('init', 'quna_shortcode_init');
function quna_shortcode_init() {
   add_shortcode('risbl-social', 'quna_social_profiles_icons');

Replicate home page layout

You can use the Import Demo Data menu under Dashboard > Appearance.

The imported page is actually a normal page and won't appear in your site's front page until you select it to act like so. To set it as your static front page, go to Settings > Reading menu; choose a static page on homepage displays option and choose your newly created page for Homepage. Select a blog page when needed.

Display Instagram images

Go to Customize > Social Feeds; and enter your Instagram username (without @). Before doing so, you're required to install and activate the WP Instagram Widget.

Change main color

Go to Customize > Colors.

More richer colors personalization comes since version 1.0.5. It's availabe under Appearance > Customize > Quna Options > Colors. It requires Kirki plugin enabled.

Quna colors options

Disable sidebar on single post

The demo uses simple single post layout where sidebar disabled. To do so, go to Customize > Post; and check on the option that reads "Hide right sidebar on single post?".

Disable sidebar on homepage

Go to Customize > Page; check on the option that reads "Hide right sidebar on home/blog archive page?". In this section you may also want to hide sidebar on default page template. Additionally you can disable comment on homepage and hide its page title as well.


Send an email to kharisblank#gmail^com if you have something I can help.

replace # with @

replace ^ with .


Open the theme's readme.txt file or visit this link.

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