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genpuppet is a script to automatically generate a puppet manifest based
on a series of user inputs. Think of it as a kernel "make config"
for puppet.
Let's face it... when writing puppet manifests, one has to enter the
same contructs over and over again-- space space space space file brace
quote name endquote colon enter... space space space space space space
space space ensure => whatever comma enter... space space space space etc.
But you say you already have your manifest visualized? Well all you
really need to do is give the parameters for whatever resource type
you're using.
With genpuppet, the most frequently used resources are prompted for so
one can quickly generate a working manifest without having to concentrate
on syntax and spacing.
* Creates resource "stanzas" for package, service, file, exec and others
* Prompts for the most common parameters of those resources
* Manages commas and bracket/brace placement for you
* Generates puppet code that is immediately useable
* Extendable and supports all resource types
* Single quotes are used exclusively.
If you need to quote a variable, edit the generated manifest and replace
the single quotes around your variable with double quotes.