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This project is of historical interest only. I recommend using a self-sizing table view instead of the prototype cell approach used in this project.

Auto layout table view cells with varying row heights

Example of how to implement table view cells with varying row heights using auto layout constraints and a dummy prototype cell.

The fix for device rotation came from this GitHub example project:

The source data for the table view is taken from the first 15 chapters of Huckleberry Finn as found on Project Gutenberg. This gives nearly 2000 rows of data.

For further details see the following blog post:

The custom table view class (UYLTextCell) includes an implementation of debugQuickLookObject to support Quick Look view of the cell in the Xcode debugger (requires Xcode 5.1). See the following post for details:


Version 1.2 17 March 2014 Fix device rotation
Version 1.1 12 March 2014 Added Quick Look Debug
Version 1.0 14 February 2014 Initial version.

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