CodeIgniter library to facilitate the sending of Pushover notifications
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CodeIgniter Pushover Library

by Keith Hatfield

This library facilitates the sending of Pushover notifications from a CodeIgniter application. For more information on Pushover, visit

Please see the Limitations/Planned Upgrades section for information on future improvements.


Copy the files from the package to the corresponding folders in your application folder.


Configuration settings can be changed in the pushover.php file in the config folder.

  • pushover_token: The API Token/Key given by pushover after registering your application
  • If set to true, will log the response data from Pushover after a message is sent
  • The model used for logging responses, if the above option is set to true


Pushover requires that the user and message be set to send a message, though there are a number of extra options that can be added. See the Pushover API Docs for more information on the options available.

Loading the Library

Once you have your configuration set, the library can be loaded from the controller like any other CodeIgniter library


Sending a Message (option 1)

$user     = 'xxxxx'; //user's pushover key
$message  = 'Hello, User!';
$title    = 'My Test Message';
$options  = array('sound' => 'cash_register');
$response = $this->pushover->sendMessage($user, $message, $title, $options);

Sending a Message (option 2)

$this->pushover->setMessage('Hello, User!');
$this->pushover->setTitle('My Test Message');
//library supports chaining
$this->pushover->setOption('sound', 'pianobar')->setOption('priority', -1);
$response = $this->pushover->sendMessage();

Error Handling

The library will return boolean false if the cURL request fails. The error data will be available via $this->pushover->getError();

If the cURL request is successful, the response data from Pushover is returned. It is possible the the cURL request will succeed, but the request fail at Pushover. The returned response from Pushover will need to be examined to determine the status of the request at Pushover. (More robust error handling is planned)

Limitations/Planned Upgrades

  • There is currently not support in the library for receiving the Pushover callbacks. Callback handling will be added in the not-too-distant future.
  • As noted above, the error handling will be updated to check the Pushover response and determine success or failure from that.

Extra Information

The file at /sql/pushover_logs.sql contains the MySQL table structure for logging Pushover responses.