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This is PET Perseonal ExTernal Memory

Its intention is that you send short messages to it on your own computer.
For example:
Code review
Fix unit test for class 1
Refactor class 2 to reduce duplication

All the stuff that you write in notepad or todolists or tiddlywiki on a normal day

You can then get all items from today, or last items or the 5 items following "Code review" today.

To install run it with -install as parameter.
To write a message send the message like so "message"
To retrive messages for today send -today, for yesterday -yesterday. 
Not working yet:
For a specific day send the date (format comming soon)
For limit of 5 add -l 5
Last five yesterday following codereview:
PET -yesterday "codereview" -l 5

Internally it is written in clojure (as an experiment) and uses sqlite3

From code review on IRC:
db-create, db-insert and db-query-for-today has docstrings in the wrong place
Closing parens should not be on own line - this is almost an objective thing, but since everything is an expression in clojure, some expressions should not be treated specially
Use when instead of if &(doc when)
Combine :require forms in namespace 
Look at sql/insert-values from clojure-contrib