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Azure integration with InnoSetup install Builder
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InnoSetup integation with Azure DevOps CI-CD

Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment

innosetup is free installer builder for windows official site.




1. In visual studio project add the nuget package "Tools.InnoSetup"

2. Use (Script Studio) to generate "Script.iss" in visual studio project folder

  • In github install "Azure Pipelines" from "Marketplace"

3. In Azure devops create build that uses ".net desktop" template

4. Select github and authorize using OAuth

5. To the "Agent job 1" Add "Command Line" task

6. with sample script like :

SET PATH=packages\Tools.InnoSetup.5.6.1\tools
iscc InnoSetupWinform\Script.iss
  • run your build.
  • add new release
  • add empty job stage
  • add GitHub release task
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