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Prolog framework for creating GGP bots
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GGP-Botter is a GGP Bot framework written in SWI-Prolog. It provides an interface for communication with GGP Server, as well as some helper functions (TODO) which will come in handy when creating your own bot.


Simply clone this repository into your desired location:

git clone <destination>

Then go to config directory and rename parameters.json.dist to parameters.json.

Running the Bot

To start up the bot you need to run script with 2 arguments: port and bot_file.

port - integer bot_file - file with bot code, located in directory specified in parameters.json file.


./ 9147

That's it! Bot is ready do play!

Bot interface

Any bot must implement 5 predicates to work:

start - here should be performed any actions that are required before the game starts. At this point we have all the rules loaded in db module. All necessary information can be accessed via game module predicates (listed in the next section).

play(Played) - here the bot should compute the next move and return it as Played. The game state has already been updated by now.

stop - called when the game has been ended under normal conditions. Bot should perform cleanup here.

abort - called when the game has been terminated abnormally. Cleanup here as well.

Game API

The bot has access to the following methods that help with rules processing and game handling, via game module:

  • findGameId(-GameId).
  • findMyRole(-Role).
  • findStartClock(-Clock).
  • findPlayClock(-Clock).
  • findRoles(-Roles).
  • findPropositions(-Propositions).
  • findActions(+Role, -Actions).
  • findInitialState(-State).
  • findCurrentState(-State).
  • findFirstLegal(+Role, +State, -Action).
  • findRandomLegal(+Role, +State, -Action).
  • findAllLegal(+Role, +State, -Actions).
  • findNext(+Roles, +Moves, +State, -Next).
  • findReward(+Role, +State, -Reward).
  • isTerminal(+State).
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