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deskopgalaxy is a little project which replaces your screen background with a rotating galaxy
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Version 0.2b "Tunguska Calling Again"

Author: Luis Hoderlein

desktopgalaxy is a little project, made for personal use. I don't really care what you do with it.

It displays a galaxy that should replace replaces your screen background, which slowly rotates over time. I'm planning on adding some other stuff it'll do, but we'll see. Tested by me on an XPS 15 running Fedora 30, and by other people on some other machines.


(NOTE: This picture is of an old version, though desktopgalaxy's visuals haven't changed that much since then)

Command Line Options

-h, --help prints a help message

-f, --fpstarget set the fps that desktopgalaxy will try to run at

NOTE: Will not accept numbers < 5

-e, --export export the galaxy generated to a file (does not require argument)

DEFAULT FILE (no filename given): galaxy.txt
NOTE: this will ignore file names starting with '-'

-s, --seed set the seed to generate galaxy from

NOTE: value will be hashed, but the 'default' 1234 isn't

-a, --arms number of arms the galaxy is to generate

DEFAULT: 4, which is a reasonable number
NOTE: Will not accept numbers < 1

-l, --length length of the arms the galaxy is to generate

DEFAULT: 200 (degrees)
NOTE: Arms start a bit away from the center and offset ~60 degrees

-c, --coef expansion coefficient of the arms the galaxy is to generate

NOTE: A bit unstable, may result in arms dissapearing

-b, --bfalloff the amount that star brightness should go down from 1.0

DEFAULT: 0.7 (on a scale 0.0 to 1.00)
NOTE: Will not accept numbers < 0 or > 1

-S, --size set the rendered size of stars

DEFAULT: 2.5 (px)
NOTE: Will not accept numbers < 1

System Requirements

  • A Computer running an X Server

Build Requirements

  • Xlib, OpenGL, and GLU libraries
  • CMake

Future Plans

  • even more galaxy options
  • make rendering even more efficient (perhaps)

Release Notes

Version 0.2b "Tunguska Calling Again"
  • A bunch of code fixes to make the code less bad practice
    • Namespaces really
Version 0.2a "Tunguska Calling"
  • Installer which adds desktopgalaxy to auto-start on login
    • Tested on Fedora 30 with GNOME, unknown how this will behave with KDE/Unity
  • Added code comments for posterity
  • Better Logging
  • More galaxy & visual options
  • Reorganized
Version 0.1c "A Better Starchild"
  • Added launcher
  • Modified configuration order
  • Patched Readme
Version 0.1b "Starchild Improved"
  • Added initial options
Version 0.1a "Starchild"
  • Initial commit
  • Bugfixes
  • Thinking about future features
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