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leyts v4.0

qBittorrent -> search plugin

How do I install?

Insert this url in Search plugins -> install a new one -> web link

How do I search?

# just type -> Movie Title/IMDb Code, Actor Name/IMDb Code, Director Name/IMDb Code

or a little bit advanced

#love genre=? quality=? minimum_rating=? sort_by=? order_by=? with_rt_ratings=? page=? limit=?
love genre=Action quality=1080p minimum_rating=2 sort_by=latest order_by=desc with_rt_ratings=1 page=1 limit=30

extract the Latest


Parameter Required Type Default Description

  "limit": "Integer between 1 - 50 (inclusive)	20 The limit of results per page that has been set",
  "page": "Integer (Unsigned)	1	Used to see the next page of movies, eg limit=15 and page=2 will show you movies 15-30",
  "quality": "String (720p, 1080p, 3D)	All	Used to filter by a given quality",
  "minimum_rating": "Integer between 0 - 9 (inclusive)	0	Used to filter movie by a given minimum IMDb rating",
  "query_term": "String	0	Used for movie search, matching on: Movie Title/IMDb Code, Actor Name/IMDb Code, Director Name/IMDb Code",
  "genre": "String	All	Used to filter by a given genre (See for full list)",
  "sort_by": "String (title, year, rating, peers, seeds, download_count, like_count, date_added)	date_added	Sorts the results by choosen value",
  "order_by": "String (desc, asc)	desc	Orders the results by either Ascending or Descending order",
  "with_rt_ratings": "Boolean	false	Returns the list with the Rotten Tomatoes rating included"

hack: Advanced search on python2.x #!/usr/bin/env python3 in your terminal

alias python=python3.x
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