It’s a standalone device to receive send voice messages with one person: lover, family or friend
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Send and receive voice messages using Raspberry PI Zero and Telegram

What is Love (birds)?

It’s a standalone device to receive send voice messages with one person: lover, family or friend. Open the box, push on the button while you talk, release to send. Your correspondent will receive the voice message on his Telegram phone app or on his own LoveBirds box with a nice motor move and bird song.

See the video here:

This is the method to install from scratch the Love Birds projects. If you want an easier installation method please follow the intructable here to just burn the prebuilt SD card: or here

Ok so you want to go the hard way and rebuild it from scratch:


initWiFi ⇒ initialize wifi access takes the file on /boot/WIFI.txt (easily accessible by just editing the file with a windows computer and SD car reader) and rename it wpa_supplicant.conf and copy it /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf ⇒ initialize the telegram connection, to send messages as the user. configuration is done using a web page managed by Flask that basicaly asks the user to give his Telegram phone number, the confirmation received by SMS, and the name of te correspondent (who you want to talk to).It is copying the PHONE and PEER.txt in some file used later by

  . PEER.txt the input format is @JohnBlack
  . PHONE international format +33777792516
  . Sms configiration file 12345 ⇒ the application itself

Installation steps

-Start from a Raspbian Stretch Lite, and burn it on a SD card

Required packages:
  . telethon
      sudo apt-get install python3-pip
      sudo pip3 install telethon

  . sox
      sudo apt-get install sox
  . vlc
      sudo apt-get vlc
   . GPIO
      sudo apt-get install python3-gpiozero
      sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio python3-rpi.gpio
      sudo pip3 install flask
If you use the MIC+ sound card install it, otherwise skip this section. MIC+ it's a cool sound card has it has all in one 2 speakers, microphone and a button led.
    sudo wget -O mic
    sudo bash mic
  -Say yes for the reboot
  -On the next reboot you  have to run the test to finish the installation (it is an ALSA oddness):
    sudo wget -O test
    sudo bash test
  Push the onboard button, you should hear "Front Left" "front Right" then the recorded sequence by the microphone.
Start the programs on boot

Copy the content of this GIT of the directory /LB in /home/pi/LB sudo cp /home/pi/LB/rc.local /etc boot the sytem and start a browser from any computer of your local network to complete the configuration of Telegram (see the instructable from that point.)