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Mac/Linux compatible iOS Pythonista script to backup files to AWS S3
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Backup and restore files from the working directory to an Amazon AWS S3 bucket. Supports both, iOS Pythonista and Desktop Linux/Mac OS.

When run within iOS Pythonista, a native ui allows action/command selection. Linux/Mac OS display is limited to the terminal/console.

I use this to share/sync code between my iPhone, iPad, and Mac laptop.

By default, the script backups the following locations:

  • Pythonista:
    • Files downloaded to and restored from the ~/Documents directory.
  • Linux/mac os:
    • Files downloaded to and restored from the working directory, not the directory containing the script.
    • Example: Run python [ACTION]
      • ACTION: Optional, any of the commands displayed when the script is run.


  • A JSON configuration file s3sync.conf can be used to store configurations.
  • If missing, the script will prompt for information each time it is run.
  • See s3sync.sample.conf for a full list of options. JSON Schema is used for its schema documentation.


  • Copy s3sync.sample.conf to the same directory as the script and rename to s3sync.conf
  • Update config file as appropriate.

AWS Authentication

  • Since the script uses the AWS boto library, it supports all of the authentication methods boto does:
    • Environment variables, AWS Credentials, AWS Config, boto2 or boto3 configuration.
    • See AWS boto3 Credentials Docs for more details
  • If you would like to manage the authentication configuration separately, you can add AWS credentials to s3sync.conf.


  • Download or clone the github repo, or:
    • Pythonista console: import urllib2; exec urllib2.urlopen('').read()
    • Linux/Mac OS Terminal: python -c "import urllib2; exec urllib2.urlopen('').read()"
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