Experiments for using GToolkit for computational documents
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Experiments with GToolkit for computational documents.

Installation in Pharo 7:

Metacello new
  baseline: 'ComputationalDocuments';
  repository: 'github://khinsen/computational-documents-with-gtoolkit';

Note that GToolkit is not included as a dependency because of its size. Moreover, the datasets can perfectly well be used without GToolkit, it is "merely" much less pleasant to inspect them.

There is a bug in Pharo 7 (fixed in Pharo 8) that affects some of the date conversions in the example. You can apply the correction by executing the following ocode in a playground:

Year compile: 'firstThursday
	"Return the year''s first Thursday.
	According to the ISO 8601 definition, the first week starts with the year''s first Thursday (week day number 5)"
	^ self start + ((5 - self start dayOfWeek + 7) rem: 7) days'.