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An IPFS interface for Pharo


Important note: This is work in progress, written so far mainly to let me play with IPFS. Everything might change at any time. Don't rely on this package for mission-critical software! Moreover, many things are still missing, in particular support for IPNS and the file system layer. But for experimenting with IPLD it's just fine!


To use this package, your computer must run a local IPFS node. On a personal machine, IPFS Desktop is the most convenient way to do so. Alternatively, or for running on a server, use the command-line version.

To install in Pharo 7, execute the following lines in a playground:

Metacello new
    baseline: 'IPFS';
    repository: 'github://khinsen/ipfs-pharo/src';

To install the support for GToolkit as well, replace by:

EpMonitor current disable.
Metacello new
    baseline: 'IPFS';
    repository: 'github://khinsen/ipfs-pharo/src';
    load: 'All'.
] ensure: [ EpMonitor current enable ].

The GToolkit add-on is strongly recommended, as it contains everything you need to explore IPFS: inspector views for everything, and a tutorial accessible from the World menu. But be aware that GToolkit is rather big, so be prepared for a lengthy installation.

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