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Maven JDK9 Jigsaw Example


This contains a multi module build which comprises of two jmod modules and a simple jar module.

Those modules will be linked together into a single runtime image in the mod-jlink area.

You can start the different test programs from the different modules by using the following calls:

cd mod-jlink/target/maven-jlink/
bin/java com.soebes.example.nine.two.Main

cd mod-jlink/target/maven-jlink/
bin/java com.soebes.example.nine.one.Main

cd mod-jlink/target/maven-jlink/
bin/java com.soebes.example.nine.jar.Main


+ pom.xml
+-- mod-1
+-- mod-2
+-- mod-jar
+-- mod-jlink

Currently the maven-jmod-plugin and the maven-jlink-plugin introduce a new packaging type jmod or jlink. The mod-1 and mod-2 are using a new packaging type jmod whereas mod-jar is a usual jar packaging.

The modules which will be linked into the final image is decided by the given dependencies in the mod-jlink module.

I'm not sure if this is the right path to go.


To run this example with Maven you need to have a configured toolchains.xml correctly configured in your $HOME/.m2/ location. This toolschains.xml looks like this:


The given path is related to Mac OS. In cases where you use this on Windows or Linux you need to change that accordingly to your installation paths for the JDK 9.

You have to configure to use the SNAPSHOT repositories of the Apache Software Foundation to get the maven-jlink-plugin and the maven-jmod-plugin in their appropriate version, cause at the moment not more than SNAPSHOT's exists. This should be done either in your user settings.xml or in the configuration of your repository manager.


  • Only working for the given JDK in the toolchains configuration.

  • The maven-jlink-plugin has been officially released in a 3.0.0-alpha-1 release. So it's available from Maven Central.

  • The maven-jmod-plugin is currently under VOTE for first public release. Should take only a few days.