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NodCMS is a free, Multilingual, simple and powerful CMS based on CodeIgniter4.

More information can be found at

This repository holds a source, composer dependencies, and latest released versions of the NodCMS.


Username: demo, Password: demo

NodCMS v3.x

IMPORTANT: CodeIgniter4 Application Structure!

Since NodCMS v3.0 (based on Codeigniter4) your domain should point to the public folder.

public/ is your website root directory. Learn More

The following points are the most important changes on NodCMS since v3.x

  1. Codeigniter 4
  2. New NodCMS core & structure
  3. Better modular structure
  4. Some quick debugs


You can download the latest released version as a ZIP file from nodcms-bundle.

Download ZIP File

Composer Installation

Create a NodCMS Project

This installation technique would suit a developer who wishes to start a new NodCMS based project.

composer create-project khodakhah/nodcms


composer update

Adding NodCMS to an Existing Project

composer require khodakhah/nodcms

Copy the public, writable, and all folders with the prefix nodcms- from vendor/khodakhah/nodcms to your project root

Database structure

NodCMS database structure will be created automatically from models throw a wizard CMS installation.

So you can only need to follow the below steps right now.

  1. Create a new database on your host for NodCMS.
  2. Open the project on the browser.
  3. You will see installer wizard to build your database.

In the further versions, the database structure will be provided as an SQL file or/and throw CLI.

Learn more

Bugs Reports

If you find an issue, let me know here!