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NodCMS – A Free CMS powered by CodeIgniter

NodCMS v2.0

After some years I'm developing a public version of NodCMS again.

The new version of NodCMS is under has been released:

  • database has totally redesigned
  • the ADMIN SIDE theme is totally changed (using a quick customize of bootstrap 4.1.3)
  • the FRONTEND SIDE theme is totally changed (using a quick customize of bootstrap 4.1.3)
  • Codeigniter version is upgraded to 3.1.10
  • created a modular system to add or remove different features
  • created a Controller core to manage different type of controllers such as:
    • backend: for admin side pages
    • frontend: for frontend side pages
    • membership: for the pages thad are using only for members
  • created a Model core to use database tables as objects instead of writing a method for each query.
  • created a Load core to use to manage modular system and load the CSS and JS file in different pages only when they are necessary
  • created a library to create and manage forms, and keep them in one style
  • created a library to create and manage data table lists and keep theme in one style
  • and all over the system has been reviewed and rewritten.

I apologize for the long delay.

What is NodCMS

NodCMS is a free, Multilingual, simple and powerful CMS powered by CodeIgniter.

More information can be found at

Frontend Demo:

Backend Demo: Username: demo Password: demo


You can download it directly as a ZIP file: GitHub Download!


NodCMS have a auto installation, but the installer is not powerful and doesn't work in all version of XAMPPs Make sure the installer will change in the near future.

Manual installation:

For the NodCMS 2.0, there isn't any way to import database manually. So if the installation does not work, please report it as a bug. I'll handle it ASAP.


After install, you can access the admin side on this URL

username: admin

password: you will enter the password during the installation.

Bugs Reports

If you find an issue, let me know here!

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