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a Quark for SuperCollider

main author: redFrik


SuperCollider classes for communicating with Open Source Brain-Computer Interfaces.

The following boards are supported...


For more info see


  • Cyton, CytonDaisy, Ganglion - use these SuperCollider classes if you connect to your board via bluetooth serial (the dongle). Maximum sample rate is 250Hz (Cyton) and 200Hz (Ganglion).

  • CytonWifi, CytonDaisyWifi, GanglionWifi - these SuperCollider classes require the WiFi Shield (also DIY) and a special firmware ( Arduino sketch ) for sending OSC. Maximum sample rate for these classes is 16000Hz.

  • PlaybackData - is a class tha can play back recorded data from file (e.g. the files recorded onto the onboard SD-card).

  • SyntheticData - with this class you generate synthetic test data. No hardware board needed.

  • DataFilterNotch, DataFilterBandpass, DataSmoothing, DataFFT, DataRecord etc - these are classes for analysing and modifying data.

screenshot-openbci (screenshot showing gui widgets ported from


mac os 10.12.x and later with cyton + dongle...

if you experience freezes and sporadic updates in the stream of serial data, make sure that you are using the AppleUSBFTDI driver and not the driver from to check plug in the dongle, open terminal and type...

kextstat | grep FTDI

if it is reporting com.FTDI.driver.FTDIUSBSerialDriver (2.4.2) then unload this driver with the following terminal command...

sudo kextunload -b com.FTDI.driver.FTDIUSBSerialDriver

unplug and plug in the dongle and once again run...

kextstat | grep FTDI

it should now report (5.0.0) and the data should come streaming in at a smooth rate and without hickups. test this with for example the file gui_example_userview_accelerometer.scd.

mac os 10.11.x and earlier with cyton + dongle... if hickups and freezes see here...


  • 1.80 - default bufferSize reduced from 1024 to 512, filters now calculate in place, use Image class
  • 1.75 - added three scsynth examples and fixed some outdated links
  • 1.71 - phase coherence added to -8ch nf, nf_plotter.scd added (with audio player and 'PlayFile' folder)
  • 1.70 - neurofeedback-2ch and -8ch added
  • 1.63 - impedance tests and examples, autoscale accelerometer
  • 1.62 - readme updates with screenshot
  • 1.61 - bugfix, remove wifi reset argument, simplify focus widget example
  • 1.60 - file recording class, changed dataAction arguments
  • 1.53 - file playback class
  • 1.52 - focus widget
  • 1.51 - bugfix for numChannels that made most examples stop working
  • 1.50 - renamed buf, fft, lag, seq, test classes and added OpenBCIboard, bandpower widget
  • 1.40 - rewrote filters and OpenBCIfft again, bufferSize, added OpenBCIlag, fixed examples
  • 1.30 - rewrote filters and OpenBCIfft, added internal board buffer, fixed examples
  • 1.20 - added filter functionality and classes, scaling inside classes, many example fixes
  • 1.13 - ported some openbci_gui widgets, added tests, currentSampleRate, active flags
  • 1.12 - added new sequencer class, buffer class stop bugfix, fixed examples
  • 1.11 - added new buffer class
  • 1.10 - big fixes to fft, clean up examples
  • 1.02 - changed to direct ip instead of broadcast - need latest WifiShieldOSC
  • 1.01 - improved helpfile, added initAction feedback, new advanced example
  • 1.00 - big breaking rewrite and restructure of classes, added osc wifi classes


  • are getRadioChannel, setRadioChannel, setRadioHostChannel, getRadioPollTime, setRadioPollTime, setRadioHostBaudRate, getRadioSystemStatus, attachWifi, removeWifi supposed to work with wifishield?
  • document all methods in Cyton, CytonDaisy and Ganglion classes
  • add a 10sec timeout on initAction
  • implement and test the different aux commands
  • finish and test Ganlion classes - both serial and wifi
  • finish and test Daisy classes - both serial and wifi
  • deal with muted channels in test and fft classes
  • DataFFT - add different fft window types
  • converter class for SD log file data
  • ganglion impedance


SuperCollider classes for communicating with Open Brain Computer Interface



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