A Webpack WordPress Starter Theme. Ready with WordPress 5.0+, has many awesome features like Custom Logo, SCSS base, webpack support, Customizer and Widget development.
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Kevin Nguyen
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wordpress version support gutenberg ready development status

A Webpack WordPress Starter Theme for Gutenberg development with webpack, browsersync and SASS support. I'd like to keep a simple flow. As #Gutenberg ideas, I just try to bring as much as backend style will bring the same frontend style to match "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG).

Some of my code was taken from my older #WordPress base theme - wpbase. It was used with gulpfile.js, livereload extension.

Why choose this starter theme

  • It starts with many code base from Twenty Nineteen. I'm sure it fits many other #WordPress development and can be used with a production website. A demo will be provide soon.
  • It has a clean folder structure with comments.
  • It has as much as many example code to keep you touch Customizer, Widget, Custom Gutenberg Block without installing a separate plugin.

Read more about my story...

Theme Detail

  • Author: khoipro
  • License: GPL v3
  • State: Beta, planning to release official in 15 Jan 2019

Theme Demo


Default Styling with Gutenberg


  1. Navigation to your wp-content/themes folder
  2. Clone a theme git clone https://github.com/khoipro/wpstarter.git your-theme
  3. Navigation to your-theme
  4. Run npm install

Start Dev

  1. Run npm run build once
  2. Edit webpack.config.js, change URL param to your local virtual host.
  3. Run npm run start to start BrowserSync at http://localhost:3000


Change a local virtual host

See webpack.config.js and edit URL param.

Change your theme name

  1. Search for wpstarter and replace with your text domain.
  2. Search for WPStarter and replace with your theme name.


It has two parts: Backend and Frontend

Todo List

Development (First release)

  • Add base theme from Twenty Nineteen
  • Add Webpack + BrowserSync support
  • Add support for Customizer (example module: Footer)
  • Add full-width page template
  • Add custom widget example code
  • Add support for custom Gutenberg blocks (example module: Hero Homepage)
  • Add multilinguage support

Test, deploy and validation

  • Validate backend/frontend code sync flow
  • Deploy a demo
  • Test with some popular modules


  • Add Unit Test Theme data
  • Release a theme to WordPress.org


I wish to hear more ideas from you and your team. I've share this theme via channel #gutenideas to ask for more improving, but as many other starter theme, I wish to keep them easy to touch and modify by any WordPress lover.