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Reversing Google Drive and other goodies ;)
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Reversing Google Drive and other goodies ;)

Reversing Google Drive

  1. Download Google Drive and install it (or use 7-Zip to extract the resources from the .msi file).

  2. googledrivesync.exe file is "fat" and looks interesting, right?

  3. Download a special version of PyInstaller.

    $ git clone -b AntiDrive
    $ cd pyinstaller
  4. Extract stuff from googledrivesync.exe file.

    $ python utils/ googledrivesync.exe
    [+] magic found at 6125
    Extracting bytecode to output/osx.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/common/worker.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/wx/html2.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/encodings/punycode.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/common/cloud_snapshot_diff_helper.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/windows/cacheinvalidation.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/encodings/cp1258.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/common/snapshot_sqlite.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/win32com/client/CLSIDToClass.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/encodings/latin_1.pyc
    Extracting bytecode to output/tokenize.pyc
    Extracting source to output/
    Extracting source to output/
    Extracting source to output/
    Extracting source to output/
    Extracting source to output/
  5. De-compile the bytecode files using uncompyle2.

    $ uncompyle2 output/common/worker.pyc


  1. Study the soure-code, find bugs and make Google Drive better!



  • dump bytecode from memory (revive pyREtic).
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