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These are the scripts I use to make backups and to restore them
afterwards using afio for Linux.  They're pretty simple.

I put them in /etc/backup on my backup filesystem (with a symlink from
/etc/backup on the root FS), and do /etc/backup/backup as root to back
the system up.  The x.* files are regular expression which cause
matching names to be excluded from backups.  A trailing slash is used on
some to ensure that the directory is saved in the backup but its
contents aren't.

To restore, I boot of a root/boot/lilo floppy, remake any necessary
filesystems, mount the normal root FS on /mnt/root, restore /, then
reboot with the normal root filesystem and restore the rest.  You could
restore everything in one go, although you have to be careful to create
any directories required in /mnt/root to mount other filesystems on. (My
/home/ftp/pub is on a separate filesystem; if you just have one big FS
like I used to then everything can be restored in one fell swoop.)

I hereby place this material in the public domain.
David P Gymer, 1 February, 1994.

-- Dave