Code developed while working through Sedgewick's Algorithms (4th ed)
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Code developed while working through Sedgewick's Algorithm, 4th ed. The project here is related to, but not specifically targeted to, Algorithms, Part I and Algorithms, Part II. That is, this is more a deep dive into the text, not solutions to the Coursera course, though there might be some overlap.

N.B.: Cut-n-Paste beware: As this isn't specifically for the coursera course, I don't intend to worry about limiting the structure, library and language features to those allowed / required by the Coursera course checker. If you submit anything from here, it may not be accepted. While I intend to limit 3rdparty libraries to Algorthims Course Libraries, I reserve the right to use other FOSS where it makes sense, and I certainly am likely to package the developed code in checker incompatible ways.

I intend to use the visualization code and the libraries extensively, and to work out interesting (to me) exercises.


At this time, this is 0.0.0 (pre-alpha). There is little to no code related to the ultimate purpose.

Initial (overhead) steps

  • Import into Spring Tool Suite (Modded Eclipse IDE that I use at work)
  • Fix packages / source layout

Dependecies / Requirements

  • Gradle
  • Java 8
  • JUnit 4
  • See TODO for Future Deps

Book Sections with (some) Exercises