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An NPM for fetching xbox live player data.

This supports requesting status directly from Microsoft's GamerCard endpoints(which will never fail as long as xbox-live is up) as well as supporting plugins to external services. In addition you can also fetch game data from Destiny, Overwatch, with more on the way.

If you would like to implement a plugin for your own player stats tracker, check out the developer docs.


First include the module and instantiate the object:

var XBoxLive = require('xbox-live');
var api = new XBoxLive.Source.GamerCard();

Then you need to call:

	gamertag : '<gamertag>'
}, function(err, user){
	//do something

It also indexes any games it's seen allowing it to subsequently return them:{
	id : '<gameid>'
}, function(err, game){
	//do something

Because GamerCard is currently the only source, there are no other working calls(.friends(), .achievements(), etc.) yet.


Some games have official APIs of their own, and we provide wrappers for these.


Destiny Provides a full range of queries across the entire game engine. Currently there is only full coverage around the user, player and inventory calls.


Destiny provides combat summaries on a per-character basis (as well as including global totals)


Run the tests at the project root with:


Run a specific suite (one of gamer-card, overwatch or destiny) with:

mocha	test/<suite>

If you want to run the destiny tests, you must set DESTINY_API_KEY in your environment.


-Abbey Hawk Sparrow